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Jos takes on Hellendoorn Rally: 'Nice rally with challenging stages'

Published on 16 September 2022 by Mike Motilall

Jos Verstappen, a novel rally driver, takes on the Hellendoorn Rally this weekend. On Friday evening, between 19.25 and 23.18 hrs. three different trials will be on the agenda, each will have to be driven twice. On Saturday, an additional ten trials need to be finished off between 10.43 and 20.48 hrs.   

Prior to the spectacle, Jos had the following to say: “It’s the first time we are doing the Hellendoorn Rally, so that makes it difficult. We’ll do our best and see where we stand when it’s over. I think that it’s a nice rally with challenging stages. We’ll see tonight.”

The rally will be partially done in the dark, which is a new challenge for the 50-year-old Verstappen. He says: “In the dark won’t make it any easier for me. Normally when you get a bit older, your sight is also affected. I try to adjust to the conditions.”

With Harm van Koppen at his side in the Citroën C3 Rally2, Jos is competing for Racing on behalf of DG Sport Competition.

“We are doing as many races as possible to gain experience and to get close to the top runners”, says Jos. “The times we are doing are good, but by no means good enough. We just need to keep driving, keep on learning, gain experience and together with my co-pilot make sure that our notes get better. That is rally, it comes with the job.”

Max is following his father from a distance, while Jos, on the other hand, likes to visit his son’s races. The triple header, which are the Belgian, Dutch and Italian Grand Prix’s were very successful for Max, he rallied up no less than 77 points.

With that the Dutch Oracle Red Bull Racing-driver is now 116 points ahead and is rapidly on his way to probably prolong his world title. Jos: “I do hope so. Max has a big lead, points wise, and it’s all looking very positive, but it still needs to become reality. Everyone is ready for the title, but it remains exciting. I want to be present at all the races, just in case it happens. I am definitely going to Singapore and, depending how things look after that, I will fly together with Max to Japan.”

We have seen Max win in the last few races from seventh, tenth and even fourteenth. “This means that the car is doing very well during the races”, according to Jos. If Max is able to start from the front row, it will only be easier. That’s just fine.”

Jos is understandably reluctant to predict when the second world title can become a reality. “That actually doesn’t make any difference for me. The most important thing is that it happens, even if it happens at the final race. Of course, Max leads by a great many points but the most important thing is that he becomes a champion once more.”