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Viaplay and Max Verstappen present all-access docuseries 'Anatomy of a Champion'

Published on 09 March 2023 by Niels Hendrix

The three-part series will premiere on Viaplay from 2nd April and offers viewers a unique look at the life of a young racing prodigy, following Max Verstappen as he trains and competes at the highest level of world sport. Focusing on Verstappen’s World Championship-winning 2022 season while looking back at his childhood, the series also delves into Verstappen's intense relationship with his father, Jos Verstappen.

‘Max Verstappen: Anatomy of a Champion’ welcomes viewers and Formula 1 fans into the world of Max Verstappen with unprecedented access to his life, revealing for the first time the complex individual behind the prodigious talent. The series shows how Max – still a very young man – strives for perfection, often feeling the weight of the enormous media attention and obligations on his shoulders.

The series also takes a deep dive into Max’s personal life, examining his close bond with his father Jos and the crucial role Jos has played in shaping Max's path to success. Through interviews with close family and friends, the show paints a picture of a fiercely determined and driven young man – born into a family of racing drivers and risk-takers – with deep love and respect for his father and the sport of racing. As Jos Verstappen says: "A lot of people have no idea what you have to do to arrive at the top of sport."  

For die-hard fans of Formula 1, or casual viewers looking for an exciting and emotional behind-the-scenes portrait, ‘Max Verstappen: Anatomy of a Champion’ is a must-see series about one of the biggest names in world sport.  

Max Verstappen, Formula 1 world champion: “Over the past season, I have given Viaplay access to my world to get an honest and personal look into my career and life. Although the story is of course very familiar to myself, I hope this gives viewers the chance to see what everyone around me has contributed to achieving the success we’ve had so far. I also hope it gives the fans around the world more insight into the hard work, dedication and passion that goes into competing at the highest level in motorsports from everyone involved. I'm proud of what we've achieved together, and I hope we can continue to keep pushing together to achieve even more." 

Jos Verstappen: "’Max Verstappen: Anatomy of a Champion’ is a personal and honest portrayal of our relationship as father and son. It's been unbelievable to have watched my son grow into one of the most driven and best ever drivers in the sport, and I'm so proud to have started this journey together with him. I hope this series will give viewers a greater appreciation for the sacrifices and hard work from all involved that go into achieving success at the highest level. I'm very proud of Max, and I hope his fans will enjoy this unique behind the scenes series." 

Peter Nørrelund, Chief Sports Officer, Viaplay Group: “This is an incredibly revealing and emotional series that takes viewers on a journey through the life of a true racing prodigy. From the intense preparation and strategy that goes into each race, to the personal struggles and triumphs that shape him as a person, this show offers an unparalleled look into the mind and heart of one of the sport's biggest stars. For both die-hard F1 fans and anyone interested in the human side of high-level competition, this is simply amazing content. We’re extremely happy with, and proud of, Viaplay’s collaboration with Max and his team." 

‘Max Verstappen: Anatomy of a Champion’ episode 1 will premiere on Viaplay on Sunday 2nd April, with episode 2 and 3 to premiere the following Sundays in countries where Viaplay holds Formula 1 rights. These are currently Poland, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.