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Max on the eve of a 9th consecutive win: 'Not in the sport to break records'

Published on 26 August 2023 by Kees-Jan Koster

At the end of a rainy day at Circuit Zandvoort the qualifying day finishes with some sun. While many of the fans stay behind after the pole position of Max Verstappen to watch the Porsche Supercup race, the two-time Formula 1 world champion is interviewed by the international press.

Asked about the weak(er) points of the Oracle Red Bull Racing RB19, Max says: “Probably slow corners, bumpy tracks and curbs. Having max downforce. I think we want to have a bit more then, but you cannot have everything. It has to do with the philosophy for the car of the design team. Not every track is a high downforce track. You always try to optimise things, literally trying to find little improvements here and there. We continue to do so.”

The dune circuit at Zandvoort is known as 'old school'. What does that mean when it is dry and wet, like it was today? Max: “I know how challenging the track is in the dry and the wet. I think that is what drivers like. In other places you have a lot of run-offs, and you can make small mistakes, but here you will end up in the gravel. To really pull the lap out when it matters is definitely more challenging than in most places.”

Max is not racing to break records. Still with eight victories in a row he may be on the eve to break the record of nine of Sebastian Vettel. Max responds: “After five wins in a row Sebastian sent me a text saying: ‘well done, keep it up, you are going to do it’. Nine wins in a row is something very impressive. I never thought I would be at eight. If it is possible tomorrow, I will go for it. It is not something I have in the back of my head. I am not in this sport to try and break records. I am here to win at this moment.”

Lando Norris will be next to you on the starting row. Are you worried about something happening to the trophy, if you end up on the podium together? “I have to hand the trophy to the team anyway, so he can do what he wants”, says Max smiling. “I think this one looks quite strong.”

After the Porsche Supercup the Dutch National Anthem is played for Morris Schuring. The Dutch Grand Prix will start Sunday 3PM local time.

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