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Max Verstappen reveals his new 'retro' helmet

Published on 01 September 2023 by Niels Hendrix

For Max Verstappen, his personal helmet designs have always been very important, from his first steps in karting to the present day. The two-time Formula 1 world champion has now revealed a new 'retro' helmet.

Max says: “This helmet reveal is maybe a bit unexpected. But I have been working on this helmet design for a couple of months to try to make it perfect. As you can see, it’s a bit more retro style. Referring to when I was growing up watching my dad race and when I started go-karting myself.”

“We are of course familiar with the overall design and the colours, but the front end has seen some changes, where the lines of the V are closer together compared to before. I think it looks a lot better, the helmet design takes me back to when I was growing up with racing, but with a new style V-shape”, explains Max.

“For me it was really important to try and put that back into my helmet. It took a few months to draw and I am very proud of the end result. For me, a helmet is always very personal to a driver. There is nothing better than driving around with your own design. I am very happy with this new ‘retro’ helmet, and I hope you will like it as well!”

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