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Max on G-Star RAW: 'A brand that also has the drive to become better'

Published on 05 February 2019 by Kees-Jan Koster

On Monday evening, Max Verstappen visited the G-Star RAW flagship store in the heart of Amsterdam, to reveal the MAXRAW 1 collection. In the pouring rain, fans were cueing in front of the store, awaiting a chance to take a picture with Max.

“It is super how much my fanbase has grown over the last years, that is just great to see. I always try to be myself and to achieve the best on the circuit. I am super happy with al the support”, according to Max.

“I’ve always had this drive to become better. To reach for more. To go further. And to work together with a brand that feels the same way and has shared roots, is very exciting. I want to dress smart, but not too much ‘bling-bling’ in my cloths. In that combination it is a great fit with G-Star.”

The limited-edition items from the G-Start MAXRAW 1 collection are available online on, as well as G-Star stores throughout the Benelux region and in specific stores in the UK.

Of course, Max also looks forward to the new Formula 1 season. “It is a new start with Honda, everyone is very motivated. We all look forward to the new season. I don’t think we will match Ferrari and Mercedes straight away in terms of power, but Honda is giving everything to get there as quickly as possible. The team has lots of positive energy. You can see the drive to win. I believe it now works from both sides, from the team and the engine supplier.”

Max continues: “I have only driven the new car in the simulator, which feels positive. But of course you will never know what the other teams are doing. We’ll have to wait and see, me too. It is exciting, although that will really come when I sit in the car. Prior to that it is hard to know what to expect.”

What are you hoping for? “We will try to win as many races as possible. And if that is the case we can also go for the world championship. It is hard to judge, but I hope it will be positive. At the moment we don’t know how good the car and engine are, and how good the competition is. I will always try to get the best out of myself and hopefully that is enough.”