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Max after launch RB18: 'Can't wait to drive it'

Published on 09 February 2022 by Niels Hendrix

Oracle Red Bull Racing teamed up with fans to launch the RB18. Christian Horner, Max Verstappen and Checo Perez joined forces with the engineering team to reveal the 2022 car to the world in a fan first experience. Hosted from the Red Bull Racing Technology Campus in Milton Keynes and streamed by thousands of fans online, this was a launch like no other.

Max Verstappen said: “I’m looking forward to get back into the car and start driving it, to experience how everything is handling. I’m feeling recharged and ready to get driving again, I feel good and it’s important that you prepare yourself in the best way possible physically, particularly when things are changing with the shakeup in regulations. In terms of the car, we don’t know what to fully expect so I’m excited to see how the car behaves on the track for the first time. The biggest adaptation this season will be the new regulations, we’ll need some time to get used to the car. It is not like you just jump in and it’s an upgrade from last year. The rest is pretty straightforward, I don’t feel any extra pressure this season, I will just do what I do all the time because I don’t think there is any reason to be different. Now I just I can’t wait for that first moment when I drive out of the pitlane in the RB18.”