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Max from Melbourne: 'I'm very happy with what I have now'

Published on 21 March 2024 by Florence Cobben

After a trip of almost 24 hours from Monaco, Max Verstappen has arrived in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix, which will run from Friday to Sunday. Are you suffering from any jetlag Max? “It’s going okay. I arrived Tuesday evening. Arriving earlier really doesn’t help me with jetlag. You have to force yourself to go to bed on time. I slept enough, but it’s never ideal.”

Of the last 20 races, you won 19. “As long as we win the championship, that’s what matters”, Max responds. “They’re unbelievable numbers and that’s what I’m happy with, but I’m not too occupied with it. I try to approach every race weekend in a way where I’m again trying to get the best performance from myself. This year has been the best start to any season for me."

DNFs are rare. Your last was two years ago, here in Australia. Max replies: “The car is reliable. I don’t want to jinx it, but till now this has been one of our team strengths. We hope to keep that up.”

Do you think that with a different team’s car, you would be able to compete for the championship? Max: “I don’t really think about those things. I’m happy with what I have. Of course, we have the best car on the grid at the moment and we want to win as much as possible. That’s what we’re focused on.”

What’s it like to drive such a good car? Max answers: “I think that each car that you push to the limit is a challenge. You’re trying to search the limits of gliding and blocking. But in general, the RB20 is an amazing car to work with. We have every reason to be happy with such a good car and so many people in our team are constantly working hard to get those amazing results.”

How do you find the Albert Park Circuit? Max: “It’s a beautiful circuit, there’s a lot of high-speed corners. The DRS-zones help with overtaking. The most recent changes to the kerbs and asphalt have helped make the circuit better. And the huge number of fans along the track are also great to see.”

Anticipating the action on track, what do you expect? “Last year it went well here, and I hope we can have another strong weekend”, Max replies. “The car is performing well. It’s important to set it up correctly, find the balance and feel comfortable in the car. You must find the right compromise between the fast and slow turns. We’re driving with the soft compound tyres and have to decide on the best strategy, that’s important. If it all comes together, we’ll have a good week.”

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