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Jos proud of Max' first Formula 1 points

Published on 29 March 2015 by Stefan Meens

Jos Verstappen is a proud father after his son Max has become the youngest ever Formula 1 driver to score points. Verstappen senior closely monitored the 17-year-old's progress during the Malaysian Grand Prix from the Scuderia Toro Rosso pit box. “Max has done incredibly well by finishing seventh. He put in a good performance and he pulled off some beautiful overtakes, similar to the ones in Formula 3 last year.”

“On top of that, Toro Rosso has shown what they're made of by finishing in front of both Red Bull's, despite them having more budget and two good drivers. At team with two rookies couldn’t have wished for more.”

The start is always a tense moment, perhaps even more so for the fans and family. Jos: “You can tell that all drivers use their head at the start of the race. They all know the result of the Grand Prix is not decided in the first corner. Max struggled a bit at the start because he lacks a bit of power when accelerating compared to the drivers around him. Nevertheless, he dealt well with a difficult situation.”

“In the beginning of the race, Max struggled with his brakes and he lacked grip. However, after his first stop he showed really good speed”, eludes Jos, who was happy with his son's ability to cope with the ever changing conditions within a Grand Prix.

Jos was also pleased with Max' race strategy. “It would have been very tough to complete a twenty lap stint on the mediums with a heavy fuel load. That's why the team deliberately opted to run the harder compound for a longer period of time in order to make it to the finish.”

“Malaysia is a very tough race. Max was sweating a lot but he looked good after the race. He is clearly prepared well by Red Bull. So I'm delighted with today's result, it's fantastic!”, concludes Jos in the Sepang paddock.