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Max after his crash: “This only makes me stronger!”

Published on 27 May 2015 by Mike Motilall

Immediately after his severe crash at Monaco’s Grand Prix, the doctors took Max Verstappen’s blood pressure. “It was regular. Just like when I am resting”, is what he shares with us. Even after the first night of sleep, the Dutch Formula 1-driver got up like nothing happened. “My neck was a bit stiff, but apart from that I was fine. It didn’t hurt as much as expected.” Having been to the physical therapist on Tuesday, to take further care of Max’ muscles, he lets us know: “Everything is back in place and ready to go again.”

“It was an eventful race last week. We showed good pace during the race with some overtaking as well. In Monaco!” The tight street circuit is notorious for not having the most spectacular races. For what it’s worth, Max was a breath of fresh air, as is the general sentiment. “After an unlucky pit stop, I was charging through the field, before I got brake tested and had a hard crash into turn 1.”

“Anyway, those things happen and will only make me stronger!”, says the still feisty Scuderia Toro Rosso-driver. “Next time we will get those points we deserved, even though we have a grid-place penalty. I know what to do for the upcoming races.” Laughingly he adds to that: “Canada will be great for some overtaking again!”