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Max looks back at Monza: “I don’t think I went in too hard”

Published on 04 September 2017 by Mike Motilall

After a very strong qualifying on Saturday and a great start on Sunday, it looked for a moment that Max Verstappen was about to cause a surprise on the high speed circuit that is called Monza. But nothing could be further from the truth, because on lap three, it all came tumbling down. A collision in the first chicane with Felipe Massa, meant an additional pit stop to replace a flat tyre and a broken front wing. This was a major setback for the Dutchman.

On Ziggo’s Peptalk, Max shares his views on the events of the past weekend. He is at home in Belgium today to celebrate the birthday of his little sister Jaye. “It is a big shame how it is, but hopefully things will come around. I think that the car in general was performing well, because I had a good amount of damage on the bottom: due to the puncture, the floor was of course dragging on the track the entire lap it took me to get back in the pits. This left a gaping hole in it, but the speed was good.”

Max’ start was excellent and the youngster continues: “It all came perfectly together on the first lap. Ahead of me, Massa ran into Perez, which earned me one spot.” Regarding the collision with Massa that ruined his chances some laps later, Max says: “I don’t think I went in too hard. Only afterwards, when you think about it, it could have been done a lap later. At that moment, I thought ‘it’s possible, but Massa refused to play ball and left me no room, then you run into each other and it’s all over. Given the situation I have been in all year long, just for once you want a good result so you go for it. Unfortunately it didn’t work out this time.”

When asked if he is able to be blamed this season for something, Max honestly replies: “Yes, as I said before, I could have waited one lap more, but on the other hand, you saw that I had a good shot to overtake Massa, but he didn’t want to work with me. I haven’t spoken with him yet, but I’ll talk to him in Singapore. If he drives like that, anyone can drive like that, but I guess he can figure that one out for himself.”

“Everyone can have his own opinion, but what I can agree with, is that I could have waited one lap more of course. Then again, I was ahead of him while braking. But it will be an endless discussion, it’s over.”

In the run up to the coming Grand Prix of Singapore, Max is preparing himself at home in Monaco for the onslaught in Asia: “The race in Singapore is the most toughest of the season, so you need to prepare yourself well enough. The temperature, the humidity and it is the longest race on the calendar. I am ready for it!”