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Max will never finish learning: 'I think everything can always go better'

Published on 06 July 2020 by Kees-Jan Koster

Max Verstappen was on Monday evening in the programme Sport & Talk on the Austrian tv-station ServusTV, where he joined together with his Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner and fellow drivers Pierre Gasly and Sebastian Vettel.

“It is a pity how the race had gone on Sunday”, starts Max in the media centre of the Red Bull Ring, which for the occasion serves as studio. “A retirement can always happen, but with so few races on the calendar, it is particularly regrettable. We were in second position, that was very good, and we were on a different strategy. Looking at everything that happened during the race, a lot was possible. But it is what it is. Next week we have another race and we will see.”

Asked about the speed of the RB16, during the first Grand Prix of the season, Max says: “It was not bad, but we want it to improve. In a single lap the Mercedes is still too quick for us. During the race I was on different, harder, tyres and it went better. For next weekend, again in Austria, we want to gain some extra time.”

Vettel is the current record holder of the title ‘youngest Formula 1 world champion ever’ and Max can only take this title of him during this season. But that is not something the Dutchman thinks about. “If that happens, then it happens. But after last weekend it will be a lot more difficult to achieve. It is not over yet, but next weekend we will have to score many points.”

Max will never finish learning, as he believes: “I think you can always improve in all areas. It is never perfect. Both on and off the track. Also in life, I am only 22 years old. I think everything can always go better.”

In the last couple of years tens of thousands of Dutch fans populated the Red Bull Ring. This year all grandstands, including multiple Max Verstappen Grandstands, were empty because of the corona pandemic. Max: “Of course it is a pity that all those fans were not able to be here. During the race, especially in the beginning, I am very concentrated and would not have time to pay attention to the fans, but when the race progresses you notice. It is different and a pity. Hopefully soon fans will be able to return to the circuits.”