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This afternoon Jos and Sophie became the ...

Published on 30 September 1997 by Verstappen Info Page

This afternoon Jos and Sophie became the proud parents of a healthy son. His name is Max and he weighs 3265 gram. Max Emilian, as is his full name, is 48,5 cm long. Sophie delivered Max at 13.20 without any complications. The delivery lasted for 40 minutes. Max had chosen the right moment to come out. Now Jos and Sophie can enjoy some time with Max before Jos has to leave for Japan. If Max has inherited the racing talents of both his parents a new F1 driver for the year 2020 has been born today.

To congratulate the happy family don't go out to the mailbox but just leave a wish for them on our site. To send in a wish or have a look at the wishes of others just surf to the wishes-page.