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Unleash The Lion launches the Arigato Honda Collection

Published on 05 January 2022 by Niels Hendrix

Max Verstappen finished second at the Turkish Grand Prix, in a special white ‘Arigato’ livery to honor Honda. On the wet circuit, nearby Istanbul, Max took the lead in the championship again.

Two scale models (1:43 and 1:18), with worn (green) intermediate tires, of this car are now available for pre-order at

After the race, Max had the following to say: “It was not easy. The track was very greasy, we had to manage the tyres the whole race so we couldn’t really push. Because of the tyre wear we were eventually running on the tyre belt. In these conditions it’s easy to get it wrong, overall I am very pleased.” Max continues: “It always feels special to race for Honda. For us as a team and for Honda to miss out on the Japanese GP is a shame, but it’s cool that we can do something in Turkey instead to celebrate.”

The today launched 'Arigato Honda Collection' is a tribute to Honda for all they have meant to Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing over the past three years.

The partnership between Honda and Red Bull Racing began in 2019. Both parties had something to prove, after some difficult early years for Honda in Formula 1. The choice for both parties to work together proved to be a golden one. The road to the top was started, partly due to Honda's tremendous passion and drive to offer a competitive power unit.

In 2021, these efforts paid off in a world championship for Max Verstappen, in what would become Honda's last season as an engine supplier.

This collection is an 'Arigato' or 'thank you' to Honda for the tremendous work ethic and dedication they have shown. Its style is based on the 'Arigato' livery with which the RB16B car drove at this year's Turkish Grand Prix. The design of this livery has been translated into two limited edition merchandise items, which are part of Max Verstappen's 'Unleash The Lion' collection. The hoodie and t-shirt are exclusively available at