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Exclusive: Unleash The Lion - Miami collection

Published on 03 May 2022 by Niels Hendrix

Formula 1 will be visiting Miami for the first time in its history and it already promises to be a very special Grand Prix. The weekend will kick off on Friday 6 May at the Miami International Autodrome, a newly designed track with a street vibe.

Max is very much looking forward to racing in Miami, a city he likes and has visited multiple times over the past few years. To celebrate the fact that Formula 1 is going to the city in southeast of Florida, Max decided to design a special ‘Miami style’ race helmet for the weekend. The design is really a colourfull tribute to Miami and will certainly turn a few heads during the weekend.

As usual over the past years, has also designed an ‘Unleash The Lion’ Miami merchandise collection. The collection will be a limited edition and is based on the colour scheme and design of Max’ Miami helmet. caught up with Max to discuss his thoughts on Miami, the Grand Prix and the collection just before he left for Miami.

Max, this is your first time racing in Miami, what are your expectations?
“To be honest, it’s quite difficult to say. I’ve of course never driven there before, but I am looking forward to going there and driving there.”

What are your thoughts on racing in Miami?
“I enjoy going to Miami, I’ve been there on holiday already and I love the place. The people there are really nice, and I also liked the vibe of the city in general. So, I am very curious on how it will be during a raceweek.”

I saw some old footage of you in Miami in a hotel room on the PlayStation during a previous holiday. Did you manage to go outside this summer?
“Haha. I certainly did, I went to the beach quite a lot. Miami has beautiful beaches and a lot to offer, so spending my time there in the off season was really good.”

What are your thoughts on the special collection that has been created around your helmet design for the Miami GP?
“The collection is off course based on the helmet design I will be running for the Miami GP, which is very much a tribute to Miami in general. There are quite a few pieces in there that are very much suited to Miami and their beaches, like the swimming trunks and slides. Apart from that, there is also a hoodie, t-shirt and joggers in there. I just hope people will like the merchandise as much as I like the Miami helmet design.”

Do you have any favorite item from the collection?
“That’s a good one. That’s difficult to say, but I think that would be the hoodie. In general, I will always choose for comfort, so a hoodie is an item that you can find me wearing most often in my free time.”

The limited edition scale models of the Miami helmet and the Unleash The Lion Miami merchandise collection are exclusively available on

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