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Max grabs second world title after chaotic Japanese GP: 'This is unbelievable'

Published on 09 October 2022 by Mike Motilall

Max Verstappen has claimed his second world championship after a bizarre and confusing finish of the Japanese Grand Prix. When the Dutchman crossed the finish line, it appeared that he didn’t have enough points to secure his second world title. The calculator was doing overtime, but eventually the FIA awarded full points despite the fact that the race lasted only forty minutes. With that the second world title for Max is now a fact.

“We didn’t know if we would get full points or not”, says Max. “But eventually we finished the race till the end. Because of that there is a rule which says that full points are in place. These are things that you cannot believe when you are very young. But after the season we have had, this is unbelievable. In the end, I am very happy though that we were able to win it here.”

For Verstappen this world title feels different than the first one: “You can see this one coming. In Abu Dhabi it was 50-50. For a long time it seemed that it wouldn’t come. Absolutely not. That’s why this year was also completely different.” As long as Max has a good car, he feels he is able to win more world titles: “I am confident that we can then keep fighting for the championship.”

On how the party will look like, Max replies: “Well, I am planning on flying back home. But I still have four race weekends left to celebrate this. So that won’t be a problem I think.”

That the Dutchman was able to win the title right in Japan, gives his second championship even more flair, for numerous reasons: when he was seventeen years and three days old, his first F1-meters on this circuit ensured he was the youngest ever debutant during an official Formula 1-race weekend. Father Jos drove in 2003, on the same circuit in Suzuka, his final F1-race. Undoubtedly the collaboration between Red Bull and Honda is the cherry on the cake.