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Max receives F1 World Championship trophy 2022: 'An exceptional year'

Published on 10 December 2022 by Niels Hendrix

Max Verstappen received the trophy for the Formula 1 World Championship on Friday night in Bologna during the FIA Prize Giving, which he already secured this year in Japan on 9th of October. During the evening gala, all champions from the FIA classes were honoured and Max's name was added for the second time on the Formula 1 champion trophy.

In the year in which Oracle Red Bull Racing also took the all-important Constructors' title with the RB18, Max announced after receiving the trophy from Italy: "It has been an incredible year, for everyone from our Red Bull Racing team. We had a difficult start to the season and at one point I said I no longer believed in the title. But the team pulled together and we managed to turn the tide quickly. I never in my life expected us to get so many wins. After last year's ten wins, I never expected to top that. Here we are, with a total of seventeen wins for the team and also the Constructors' championship. We are extremely proud of that as a team. Hopefully we can continue this in the coming years."

Max continues: "This second world title feels completely different than the first. That one was very emotional because you worked towards it your entire life. Those moments you can only compare to your first Grand Prix win or your first pole position. Everything that follows is beautiful but different. You will never experience that same feeling again. But this second world title gives more satisfaction, also because we were more competitive as a team. Of course, we always focus on the results and we want to win, but we spend long periods of time away from our family and friends and so it is important to enjoy what you do. I feel that working with the Red Bull team, with every team member, was amazing this year. It has been an exceptional year.”

Saturday afternoon the “Home Run” of Red Bull racing takes place in Milton Keynes. This is an event with spectacular car and motorsports demonstration runs, including Max and Checo in Red Bull RB7-cars to celebrate both championships. You can follow the Milton Keynes Home Run live from 13h15 via Red Bull Racing livestreams as well as live via