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Unique 1:12 scale models of Max Verstappen's first championship

Published on 19 April 2023 by Heidi De Love, in close cooperation with Minichamps, has developed a new format scale model and produced the RB16B Red Bull Racing car in 1 in 12 scale. Three highlights have been chosen from the year Max Verstappen became Formula 1 world champion for the first time, namely the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix, the Turkish Grand Prix and of course the famous race in Abu Dhabi.

The latter in particular still evokes strong emotions for many. The final lap of the legendary 2021 Abu Dhabi race is an absolute highlight of Max' career. When the Dutchman overtook his British opponent in the closing meters and, by finishing first, clinched the world championship, the emotion was immense.

"It's unbelievable," a visibly emotional Max revealed afterwards. "I kept fighting for it the whole race and then that chance on the last lap is unimaginable. It's insane, I don't know what to say. When I was still in the car it was a huge release. It's been a very long season and the pressure was always on. I think the realisation will come a bit more later."

The 1:12 scale models (base plate) are 56cm long and 27cm wide and come with an acrylic display case to keep them free of dust. Meticulous attention has been paid to the smallest details. Think of (worn) tyres including tyre numbers, the image of the circuit on the inside of the cockpit, changes in logos and aerodynamic novelties. But also, for example, the bottom plate, which on the Zandvoort and Turkey models features the finish line, but on the Abu Dhabi 1:12 model looks like the tarmac where Max stopped his car on the straight after the race. It is special details like these that make these scale models a joy to watch.

The Abu Dhabi version also immortalises a special and historic moment: this 1:12 model not only features a pit sign but also a driver figure, kneeling near the rear wheel. This, after Max' screams over the board radio, was the first moment when he realised he was world champion. A legendary scene etched in the collective memory.

The three different 1:12 scale models of Max Verstappen's RB16B are available in limited editions. Of the 2021 World Champion model, there are 1500 pieces. The Zandvoort 2021 version (333 pieces), when Max won his first Formula 1 race in front of a Dutch home crowd, of course features the special red, white, blue helmet Max wore and the Jumbo logo on the Halo. The white Arigato Honda livery used by Red Bull Racing at the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix in honour of its farewell to Honda naturally stands out, as do the intermediates, which Max had worn down to the wire by the finish at Istanbul Park.

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