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Max reveals his special Miami GP helmet

Published on 02 May 2023 by Niels Hendrix

Max Verstappen has revealed his special Miami Grand Prix helmet, which he will be using upcoming weekend during the glamourous event.

“Looking at the colours you can see where I’ll use this helmet: the Miami GP”, says Max. “I have kept the general design the same as my season helmet. I think it’s nice to keep the basis of the design the same and to use different colours. I think it came out really great.”

The helmet features palm leaves and the colours blue, magenta (metallic), white and turquoise. Max: “We came up with a turquoise colour and I then asked Schuberth if I could have the same colour for the interior of the helmet. It was the first time they’ve done that colour. To me the combination of the colours, also on the back, makes it a really cool design. It’s quite a clean design, which I like. I’m very happy with the outcome and hope you will like it as well!”

For the limited edition 1:2 and 1:4 scale models of Max' Miami GP 2023 helmet, check