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Ferrari fastest after second test day Bahrain, Perez in P2

Published on 22 February 2024 by Misha van der Kroon

On the second day of the three-day Formula 1 test ahead of the 2024 season Carlos Sainz was the fastest in his Ferrari. The Spaniard set his fastest time, a 1:29.921 on the C4 tyres. The fastest time on the first day was set by Max Verstappen on the C3 tyres. Sergio Perez drove the RB20 the whole day, which was in contrast with Oracle Red Bull Racing’s previous plan to have Max take place in the car for the afternoon session. This plan was thrown in the bin after the morning session on day 2, that ended an hour and 45 minutes earlier than expected due to problems with a curb. The Mexican driver ultimately set the second fastest time of the day, and drove a respectable number of 128 laps throughout the day. Lewis Hamilton set the third fastest time in his Mercedes.

After a not so great start to the morning session for Perez and the team of Red Bull Racing, due to braking problems, the team was able to end the day on a good note after an excellent afternoon session.

Despite Norris’ fourth fastest time, McLaren will look back on this second day with mixed feelings. The team didn't do many laps in the morning, and there weren't enough laps during the afternoon session. Due to problems with the fuel pump, Norris spent a long time in the garage at the end of the day.

The team of Mercedes had a productive day with Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel of the W15. He was able to compete with the top, and completed a total of 123 laps.
Behind the top four, we find the teams of Aston Martin, RB, Williams and Sauber, who form the midfield and are difficult to gauge in terms of actual speed.
At the bottom of the field we find both Haas drivers, just like yesterday. The Alpine team has also seen better times. Their performance is not yet very impressive, and the French team will have to diligently look for some more speed in their car.

Because Max did not participate in the sessions today, he spent his time, among other things, talking to the press. Read here what Max thought of his first meters in the RB20.

On Friday, Sergio Perez will take place behind the wheel during the morning session, after which Max will conclude the three-day test during the afternoon session.