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Max, the 1-day-old baby of Jos and ...

Published on 01 October 1997 by Verstappen Info Page

Max, the 1-day-old baby of Jos and Sophie, is doing well. They will stay in the hospital until the end of this week and then Max will go to his own room for the first time. We present the first picture of the family album. As you can see Max has quite a lot of hair. According to a connoisseur? (Huub R.) his eyes are the same colour as Sophie's but he glances like Jos (it could also be the other way around though).

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Of course you can still leave your wishes on the site, surf to the wishes-page for this. We will take care of the delivery of the wishes at Jos, Sophie and Max. You can also send a postcard to the fanclub. Ofcourse they will also see to it that it reaches the family.