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Max previews Saudi Arabia GP: 'Details will make the difference'

Published on 02 December 2021 by Stefan Meens

With two rounds of the 2021 Formula 1 world championship remaining, Max Verstappen heads into the first Saudi Arabia Grand Prix with an eight point lead over Lewis Hamilton.

“For sure, it’s a great year for us” says the Dutchman. “We have had a lot of nice moments and wins. Last year was pretty boring really, because third was usually the maximum result. But this year, we have improved the car and we’re fighting for the title until the end, which is impressive from our point of view.”

The Saudi Grand Prix is held at a brand new street circuit along the Red Sea coast. “We’ll have to wait and see how much grip there is”, explains Max, who spend hours in the Red Bull Racing simulator in Milton Keynes, preparing for the Djedda track. “It’s a flowing circuit without big braking zones, but with a lot of fast corners. We’ll see how the track feels in real life; tonight I’ll do a track walk.”

Asked if he feels the pressure, as the season heads into a tense final stage, Max says: “No, because I know I will always do my best to get the maximum result. You can’t do more than that. We’ll see, if I have a good car, I can win the race. If not, I won’t. That’s how simple it is. We just focus on ourselves and there isn’t a different way I’m preparing. And yes, it’s new circuit so that offers opportunities for everyone.”

Max continues: “I don’t believe in momentum. You have to perform every weekend. It’s difficult to say where we are. We’ll see this weekend. Details will make the difference. I will always try to win the race, but the most important thing is to be leading the points after Abu Dhabi.”

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