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Jos after victory Max in Abu Dhabi: '15 wins is not something we will see often'

Published on 20 November 2022 by Kees-Jan Koster

Jos Verstappen was this weekend in Abu Dhabi and watched proudly how his son dominantly won his fifteenth race of the season.

In front of the camaras of Viaplay, Jos says about Max’ race in Abu Dhabi: “Everyone was watching the fight for P2 and P3, but for me the most important thing was Max’ race. Fifteen wins is not something we will see often, that is what we must enjoy, as he did an incredible job. You see how good he is. He knows what he is doing with his tyres, he controls it and even has some more left over at the end. He was very dominant this season, that is what you get when you have a good car. We enjoy that.”

Jos confirms that he did not think the year was going to be so dominant: “After so many regulation changes, you do not know how good you are after the winter. We had a good car right from the beginning, and improved it during the season. Slowly the car became better for Max, and this is the result.”

Looking ahead to next season, Jos says: “To be honest, I think next year everyone will be a lot closer together, and that is also the goal of the current regulations. I do not mind. Good fights on track and an exciting championship till the end will be fantastic.”